Wooden sunglasses: bamboo or evony?

Wooden sunglasses: bamboo or evony?

Since everything hipster became fashionable, a large number of products have been popping up: vintage sweaters, long beards, and love of indie music. Hipster sunglasses exist too, with the name of wooden glasses. The main characteristic  of the wooden sunglasses is their closeness with nature, they are almost always made by hand, with carved finishes and a unique appearance in each of them. The carry an urban, young and fresh look.

Wooden sunglasses have different characteristics, the fundamental one is the type of wood with which these sunglasses are made. They are usually of two main types, bamboo or ebony.

Bamboo is less rigid and more flexible, with a beige natural color and a "smoother" finish, that is to say, barely noticeable. Ebony, on the contrary, has a darker color, with marked strands and a more elegant tone, in contrast to the sporty aesthetics of Bamboo.

If you are thinking of purchasing wooden glasses, we hope that these small differences help you decide. Remember that it is a model on the rise, in which year after year more brands come together and bet on the future of this material.

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