Why is it important to wear sunglasses in winter?

Why is it important to wear sunglasses in winter?

When the cold arrives, we change our wardrobe: we take out the sweaters, gloves, hats ... but there is one aspect that does not change, and it is the need to continue wearing sunglasses! sunglasses during winter are essential in many situations and now they work as a protective element for your eyes during the pandemic.

Although a few years ago wearing sunglasses during winter was considered almost an eccentricity, the truth is that today most people wear this accessory in every season of the year. It is no coincidence that, year after year, there are collections with models of glasses specially designed for winter, and there are many factors that make sunglasses in winter as necessary as in summer.

The first and most relevant is that although we do not have the sensation of summer heat, we are still exposed to ultraviolet radiation and, after the skin, the eye is the organ that suffers the most damage as a result of the effects of UV rays, for what we must continue to protect ourselves.

Also, surely once, walking down the street in winter, your eyes have been bothered by the brightness. And it is that, during this time of year, it is very normal for light reflections to cause discomfort and vision problems on a day-to-day basis or on snow sports days such as skiing.

UV radiation and reflections are not the only reason to continue using this accessory in winter, you must also consider the weather conditions, which sometimes usually involve wind and rain. To improve visibility in these conditions, we can wear sunglasses that help us protect our eyes from the discomfort caused by these elements. Think about it for a second: when you go outside, you equip yourself against the cold by wearing a hat, gloves and a scarf… it makes sense that you also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes!

If you are reading up to this point, then you must be convinced about the importance of protecting your eyes with sunglasses during winter. Explore our collection to find the right pair for you. All orders have free shipping and returns. 

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