When to choose a yellow or green lens coating

When to choose a yellow or green lens coating

You probably noticed that sunglasses come in all shapes and color. Although it may seem as an aesthetic matter, it also has a protection and security function. In this post we want to go a little further and tell you all about yellow and green lenses.

Luckily, when you buy sunglasses you take into consideration several aspects before making a choice. Since there is a multitude of models and frame options to find the ideal one, you will also have to choose the color and type of glass that best suits your needs.

As we explain in this post, there are different colors of glass and each of them has a different function. Depending on what you need your glasses for, it will be more advisable to choose one or the other.

Yellow filter

When you are behind the wheel, your vision is the most important sense, because it is the one that feeds the brain with all the necessary information to help us make the right decisions for a safe driving.

The yellow filter or glass is considered the quintessential driving filter because it improves vision in the following situations:

  • On a cloudy day.
  • On foggy/poor visibility conditions.
  • On gray or hazy days.
  • At sunrise and sunset.
  • In general, in any low-light environment.

The yellow filter improves visibility because it increases the contrast sensitivity that the eye naturally has. With higher contrast, visual acuity is also increased in low visibility conditions.

Green filter

Green filters are amongst the most popular lenses because they usually work well with most frames, but it has other advantages regarding the quality of vision:

  • Colors are perceived with little alteration, offering a more realistic vision.
  • They reduce the intensity of visible light, avoiding the discomfort it can cause.
  • They improve your vision in shady conditions.
  • If you suffer from farsightedness, they can help you see better.
  • This filter is recommended for sports and water sports and activities such as surfing, sailing or kitesurfing.

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