What makes aviator sunglasses special

What makes aviator sunglasses special

To be an aviation pilot, before studies and flight hours, you have always had to pass complex psychotechnical and physical exams. In addition to good fitness, hearing, balance, and visual acuity are assessed. To protect the eyes of its few aviators, the United States Army commissioned its optical instrument supplier Bausch & Lomb with lenses that made it easier for pilots to see when navigating in extreme conditions at high altitudes. Thus, were born in 1933 the Ray Banner glasses (barrier against rays) popularly known as Ray Ban.

Aviator glasses have become a classic. A reference always in style in the world of fashion. In 1937 the Bauch and Lomb company obtained authorization to market its aviator sunglasses with polarized lenses among the general public. Polarized sunglasses struck the perfect balance between form and function with their characteristic pear or teardrop-like lenses, their main distinguishing feature. The simplicity of its lines, structural lightness, the double bridge can be considered a vintage work of art. Since the 1940s, aviator sunglasses have accompanied the most influential figures. Sportsmen, musicians, singers, actors, film directors and astronauts starred on many magazine and news covers with a smile and aviator's tan. Think Liam Gallagher, Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Michael Jackson, all these icons have worn their aviators with pride.

Why wear aviator glasses?

If you are looking for a lens to protect you from the sun with a guarantee and a certified UV filter, without giving up your style, aviator glasses are a wise choice. And we tell you because its two drop-shaped lenses cover the entire eye, offering very complete coverage and protection against harmful UV rays. In fact, if aviator sunglasses were popularized by pilots and sailors, it was precisely because there were no other similar sunglasses that offered the same guarantee and safety. Another feature of its global success is that aviator sunglasses suit practically everyone because their design adapts and enhances all face shapes. The latest vintage trend is to wear this design in alternative frame materials, such as bamboo.

Omura Plenty

Perhaps the definitive secret of the success of aviator glasses, what really makes them different, is that they have always been there, you have seen them in pictures when your parents were young, mothers and grandparents and even if it is by family tradition, you can't do without that family tradition.

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