What is heterochromia?

What is heterochromia?

Surely more than once you have wondered why the American actress Kate Bosworth, has an eye of each color. Would you like to know the answer? It is called heterochromia, and in this article, we will tell you the details about this curious anomaly.

Heterochromia: eyes of different colors
Heterochromia is a pigmentation disorder in which the irises of the eyes are different in color. It is a kind of mutation that causes the eyes to change color due to lack of melanin. This abnormality occurs infrequently and is related to our genes, so it usually comes from birth. However, there are some pathologies that can cause changes in the color of our irises.

In addition, it can affect the eyes partially or totally. That is, the two eyes can be of different colors (complete or total iridium heterochromia) or have only a small part of the iris of a different color from the rest (iridis or partial heterochromia). Here we detail what types of heterochromia exist.

Types of heterochromia

  • Complete heterochromia. It is one in which each eye has a different color. It is common in animals such as horses, cats, and dogs, but it can also affect people.
  • Partial heterochromia. It only affects part of the iris, so that a person has two different colors within the same eye.
  • Central heterochromia. It appears in the central part of the iris, which has a different color from the peripheral part, forming a central ring around the pupil.

Diagnosis and treatment
The main symptom of heterochromia is tone difference of the iris. Therefore, if you notice any color change in your eyes, it is advisable to have a complete visual review to determine if there are any other underlying problems and rule out any pathology that may affect vision. If abnormal ocular function is present, then it is necessary to go to the ophthalmologist to assess a possible underlying disease.

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