What are eyelashes for?

What are eyelashes for?

Eyelashes protect our eyes much more than we think. They are a shield that prevents foreign bodies, sand, dust from entering the eye ... they help maintain the humidity that it needs and also function as a solar filter, without them the eye would be constantly irritated.

Many of you will think that the longer the better, since they highlight the color of the eyes and make the look more penetrating. However, according to different studies, the ideal length for these to fulfill their function is one third of the length of the width of the eye (8 or 10mm). If they are longer, they allow air to pass through and contribute to dry eyes and dust to enter the eye. Density also matters but not to the same extent as length. 

We can have two or three rows of eyelashes on each eyelid, they have great sensitivity, and they are usually more numerous in the upper eyelid than in the lower one. Their growth is constant and they have three phases:

  • A first growth that usually lasts about 45 days.
  • A second phase in which they stop growing, usually lasts about 3 weeks and in which they shine with all its beauty.
  • A third phase usually lasts about 3 months and then they begin to fall, starting the cycle again.

Eyelash care comes from ancient times, where they were dyed and decorated, either to give more expression to the eyes, for magical or medicinal reasons. In Egypt they used the galena to ward off evil spirits and also as protection from the desert air. In India, the eyelashes were smeared with Kajal with a religious and medicinal sense. The Roman women used Khol to harden their eyelashes, and so on until the 19th century, when perfumer Eugene Rimmel created a new mascara composed of charcoal and petroleum jelly, which has evolved into the ones used today.

Eyelashes not only are a fashion statement but an essential complement for the protection of our eyes and we must take care of them.

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