Wear your sunglasses all year round

Wear your sunglasses all year round

As soon as the good weather begins, many people remember to wear sunglasses, thinking that only during warm months you have to protect your eyes and forgetting them in the fall and winter. In this post we tell you why it is important to take care of your visual health and wear sunglasses all year round.

Sunglasses are essential for your summer look. There are frames for all tastes, styles and facial features, and each season fashion brands strive to bring the latest trends to the streets. But apart from aesthetics, sunglasses play a very important role in protecting your vision.

Even when the summer is over, the sun still generates UV radiation- It is true that in autumn or winter you do not spend as much time outdoors, but if you expose yourself to the sun, you also do it to the harmful effects of UV rays and their possible long-term consequences such as macular degeneration (AMD) or cataracts.

Low temperatures also affect the eyes because they tend to dry out the membrane that covers the eyeball and wearing sunglasses in cold environments helps protect them. In relation to the previous point, there are winter activities and sports that require maximum protection, not only because of the cold, but because in snowy environments the radiation is multiplied by the altitude and by the reflection of the sun. If you play sports outdoors, wearing sunglasses also helps protect you from bumps and impacts.

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In addition to shielding from radiation, sunglasses improve the quality of vision by increasing contrast and eliminating glare. Therefore, wearing sunglasses for driving can increase safety on the road.

Sunglasses also help prevent visible signs of aging around the eyes. This area of ​​skin is very sensitive and is affected by the rays of the sun, leading to wrinkles. They also prevent eye dryness that can occur when humidity is lower during the winter months and shield you from the wind.

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If you are reading up to this point, then you must be convinced about the importance of protecting your eyes with sunglasses throughout the year. Explore our collection to find the right pair for you. All ordershave free shipping and returns.  


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