Ways to give your eyes a well-deserved break

Ways to give your eyes a well-deserved break

Modern life places great demands on your eyes. Working with the computer, has become a way of life and the main work tool, and forces your eyes to adapt to the brightness of the screen and to focus on a nearby point for long hours without rest.

Continually staring at the screen causes vision problems. Perceiving contrasts, differentiating colors, and switching between long and short focal lengths becomes increasingly difficult. Continuously working in a predominantly close range of vision can even restrict the field of vision. Therefore, it is not surprising that your eyes water, itch or redden. Sometimes this is accompanied by muscle tension and headache resulting from computer vision syndrome.

But it does not have to be that way necessarily, choosing a professional monitor with special technology eye car can help a great deal, but you can also perform some relaxation exercises to relieve eye fatigue. Here are five that will help you keep your eyes relaxed:

  1. Place the palms of the hands over your eyes

Make sure you are comfortably seated. Rest your arms on a flat surface, close your eyes and place the palms of your hands over your eyes, they should be in complete darkness. Breathe slowly and steady for a minute or two. Slowly remove your hands and open your eyes.

  1. Stare at four directions

Keep your head straight while sitting. Direct your gaze as far as you can and hold it for two or three seconds at each of the four points: up, down, left, right. (moves eyes, not head) Repeat the exercise three times.

  1. Eye socket massage

A gentle massage is very relaxing for the eyes. Using the tips of your thumbs, massage the area under the eyebrows (from the top of the nose to the eyelids) in circular motions.

  1. Accommodation exercise

Place the index finger of your right hand at eye level, elbow distance. Place your left index finger about 6 inches behind your right. Alternately observe one finger and the other at a steady pace for one minute.

  1. Exercise to prevent dry eyes

Look upfront with your head straight and relax your facial muscles as well as your lower jaw. Open and close your eyelids about 20 times. Keep your muscles relaxed all the time. The eyelids should move smoothly and effortlessly, like the wings of a butterfly.

These relaxation exercises for the eyes can be of great help, it will only take a few minutes to put them into practice anywhere and at any time if you already have symptoms of computer vision syndrome. But, you should know that most of these symptoms are due to the lack of professional monitors that include specialized technology to protect your eyes from blue light, which adapt to changes in the level of lighting during the day and the imperceptible flicker they generate.

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