Vintage sunglasses to wear this summer

Vintage sunglasses to wear this summer

Among the fashion trends for this summer, vintage sunglasses stand out. The truth is that vintage sunglasses for both men and women are very stylish and flattering. In addition, they bring the style of the great music, cinema and fashion icons.

You just have to choose the model of vintage sunglasses that you like the most to protect your eyes and look retro, elegant or bohemian, your choice. Here are some models to get inspired:

If you are looking for a model of vintage round sunglasses for women, John Lennon's are at your fingertips. You can find the Shelly Sphere in different frame colors and types of lens. 

These iconic lines look especially good for those with oval or square face shapes. If this your case you will look great with them then. The fine metal frame is very elegant and provides a lightness that is perceived in both aesthetics and comfort.

If you are looking for vintage sunglasses with a masculine but modern Hollywood look, the Blaka SQ model will enchant you. These retro-style sunglasses have lines that accentuate your face features.

They combine perfectly with different styles, hence its success. On top on that, they are light and very comfortable so you can wear them throughout the day.

It is impossible to speak of retro style sunglasses without naming a mythical aviator model. They are a style icon because of their class and elegance. It is one of the best-selling models in history and they are still as flattering today as they were decades ago. The Rado Birdman is a great example of this timeless design.

If you want to rock a fashionable look do not hesitate to wear vintage sunglasses this summer. We invite you to check our collection. All orders have free shipping and returns.

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