Traveling: sunglasses for each kind of trip

Traveling: sunglasses for each kind of trip

Sunglasses and all travel go hand in hand. Don’t you think? However, depending on the kind of trip, you would need a different kind of eyewear. If your sunglasses are at the top pf your packing list, then keep on reading to see our recommendations.

If the intention is to live a few days of adventure and go everywhere with your backpack then you would need sunglasses adapted to your outfits and plans: comfortable, practical, but with a touch of style. The Sonar Waves model is a great match for this kind of trip.

If your goal a relaxed vacation, days of paradisiacal beaches, fun and rest, then in that case, your sunglasses should be more delicate and casual to capture that calmed state of mind. Our Coraline model would be a great option to explore:

If your trip does not fit with any of the ones we have discussed, and your purpose is to discover a city, then a cosmopolitan style with an urban touch would look better with your outfit. We advise you to opt for models that stand out for their modern lines but at the same time casual and youthful. For example, our Omura Plenty Model:

Finally, whatever the destination, if your trip is business related, you should go with your most elegant, sophisticated and refined sunglasses. For this occasion, the Lush Black model would work perfectly.

Discover these and much more models in our collection. All orders have free shipping and returns. 

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