The best frames for triangular shaped faces

The best frames for triangular shaped faces

We want to advise you on choosing the frame that best suits your face and style. Today we want to give you further tips on which the sunglasses will favor you the most if you have a triangular shaped face. It's time to try out new shapes and colors of sunglasses that perfectly match your face. 

Frames for triangular faces
This type of face is what, in general, causes more doubts when choosing prescription glasses and sunglasses. The main features are broad forehead and the chin ending at the tip. Therefore, in this case, it is advisable to minimize the width of the forehead. For this, our advice is to choose:

  • Frames where the height exceeds the width
  • medium size designs
  • Use strong colors or decorative motifs at the top of the frame. It is very fashionable!
  • And above all, avoid the round or rectangular frame, as it will soften the width of your forehead and it will not flatter you.

And what options are left? We explain it to you below....

Do you know the aviator glasses? If you like them, this model can be ideal for your face, especially if you choose them in a light color. Try them and you will see the result!

All the faces are peculiar, so don't worry, because you will find the ideal model for you once you explore our collection. 

Did you know that the triangular face shapes are related with an image of dynamism and joviality? Dare to be yourself! Choose the best frame for your style and get all the looks.

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