Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

Sunglasses for oval shaped faces

Do you have an oval face and you don't know which sunglasses are ideal for you? We have the solution! Follow our advice and you will know which frames and sunglasses are best for you if you have an oval face. 

Tips for choosing sunglasses for oval shaped faces
This type of face is easily recognizable because it has a symmetrical shape with high cheekbones, which are the focal point of the face. The lower part is narrower than the upper part.

You are very lucky, since it is a very proportionate face and is considered the ideal! Therefore, they will favor you in most ways. However, it is highly recommended that you try to maintain balance and proportionality with your sunglasses.

Next, we give you the necessary guidelines so as not to fail in the choice of your frame: 
  • Choose walnut-shaped designs! Ideal for people with oval shaped faces, not too wide, not too narrow.
  • In addition, you will also be favored by frames with square, rectangular and geometric shapes that add angles to curved silhouettes.
  • As you have many options to choose from in your case, take into account the colors that suit you, according to your hair color and your skin tone.
  • Avoid oversized frames! The ideal is to choose the sunglasses according to the width of your face.
  • Remember to choose models that do not slide down the bridge of the nose and that the lower part do not rest on the cheekbones.
We recommend that you let your imagination fly and that you enjoy trying on all the models that attract you in different colors and shapes. Your face allows you any design, so take advantage of it!

And you know what? They say that people with the oval face shape are a lot of fun. They love to make others laugh! On this occasion, have fun yourself and come spend the afternoon exploring our collection. All orders have free shipping and returns.
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