Sunglasses and their history

Sunglasses and their history

Today we are going to talk about sunglasses, specifically about their origins and history. There are different theories of when and who invented them. Keep reading to know more.

Eskimos. There is a theory that the first sunglasses were invented around 12,000 years ago by the Eskimos to protect their eyes from the intense and dangerous reflections of the sun on the snow. Their creativity led them to use wood, shells or bones, creating a horizontal structure that they held to the head with strips of fur, with small openings to see, which helped to reduce brightness.

Chinese Judges. There is also the theory that the first sunglasses with dark lenses were invented in China during the 13th century. And it was not because the sun bothered them, but rather so that the judges could hide their facial expression during a trial and thus reinforce their impartiality.

Italian doctors. Centuries later, specifically in the 15th century in Italy, glasses with green lenses were invented, but in this case with a health purpose, with the aim of improving visual acuity.

During the year 1730, there was a great change that would improve both vision glasses and future sunglasses, and that is that the temple was created, leaving behind the rope, the ties or twine. And in the 18th century, James Ayscough introduced tinted lenses that would later aid in sun protection.

And finally, the first modern sunglasses arrived, and it was in 1929 when Sam Foster, sold his first sunglasses in New Jersey.

Movie stars made sunglasses popular. They first used them to protect their eyes from the powerful and blinding lights of the set, and then to pose in magazines and covers, making them an object of desire for the masses.

To close this history lesson, in 1936 the popular polarized glasses created by Ray Ban appeared and since then aviator glasses have become a great classic. Here is our favorite variation of this timeless design: 

Rado Birdman

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