Sunglasses and hats: a match made in heaven

Sunglasses and hats: a match made in heaven

Separately they work well but together, even better. This fall, the romance between sunglasses and hats resurfaces stronger than ever to become the fashionable couple of the season. Celebrities have already opted for them. Follow in their footsteps, combine them and incorporate them into your daily looks to protect yourself from the sun and give a sophisticated touch to your outfit. You will not be able to live without them! 

Made of felt, flexible fabrics that imitate straw ... Bet on lightweight materials in light tones, much more suitable for this time of year. Beige and gray will be your best allies, although bright tones are always welcome. If you do not dare with full-color models, try neutral designs adorned with tinted ribbons. Give yourself a chance and you will love them.

As for sunglasses, models with metal or plastic frames are the latest trend and the options are endless. Plain, stamped, combined, with geometric shapes, totally round and with gradient or completely smoked lenses. Experiment and take risks with your accessories but remember that the quality of the lens is as important as the design. You must protect your eyes from the sun's rays all year round. Invest a little more and you will have models that will last you a lifetime. Your eyes, and your heirs (of clothes, accessories ...) will thank you.

 And you, do you trust accessories to give the final touch to your outfit? What kind of hats do you usually wear? Leave us a comment below. Don't forget to visit our collection to find the right sunglasses for you.

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