Square sunglasses: can you pull them off?

Square sunglasses: can you pull them off?

It is true that in recent times, round-rimmed glasses have starred in magazines and catwalks and have filled shop windows, but what about square sunglasses? In this post we want to tell you that, not only have they not gone out of style, but that they are enduring fashion statement, and what kind of face shapes do they favor the most.

As we said before, round glasses have triumphed this season, but geometric shapes have never left, and although this summer we also saw rectangular, hexagonal and even octagonal frames, the truth is that brands design numerous sunglasses frames every year. Square sunglasses are still going around because they know that they continue to attract many people and are a must in their eyewear collections.

Where do square sunglasses come from?
One of the brightest times for sunglasses and fashion was the '70s; a decade in which the fear of wearing oversized glasses and playing with colors and materials was forgotten. Square sunglasses were seen on stage and on the streets and have adapted to different trends to this day.

So, who looks good on them?
Anyone with enough confidence in their appearance can wear square sunglasses and look good, however, this shape usually fit people with oval or round faces for the following reasons:

  • Having straight lines counteract rounded shapes.
  • They provide balance by compensating the features and providing angles that round faces do not have.

Square sunglasses are closely linked to size, since these types of glasses are usually worn in oversized frames, something that was also born in the 1970s. '

Oversized square sunglasses with a black paste frame can be considered a totally timeless due to their great versatility. If you are looking for something more daring, you can continue betting on the most striking frames, both metallic and paste, in bright colors or with other decorative elements.

Have you wanted to try square sunglasses? Check our collection to get yourself inspired. If you have any doubts you can contact us anytime. We will be happy to assist you and advise you to find the ideal frame for your new sunglasses.

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