Six fashion tips for winter

Six fashion tips for winter

The best time of year arrives, and with it the fur garments and long coats. Suddenly you run into a little problem: It's too cold to get out of bed, and the least you want is to dress up to go to the office, So the first thing you grab is a black sweater, a scarf, the warmest jacket you have and you end up looking like a 100-color parrot. We don't want this to happen to you, so here are 5 fashion tips for the cold season.

Become an expert in layering. There is a reason dressing in layers is such a big trend - it is the most practical way to look good when it is freezing. So, do not be afraid to wear 100 layers of clothes to get out of the house. A turtleneck sweater, under a leather jacket and a coat on top of that, will not only make you look very modern, but will also keep you warm.

Dazzle with knee high boots. Let your boots steal the show. Long boots are essential for a super fashion look in winter. Invest in an extra-long pair of boots and pair with jeans, shorts, or dresses. If what you like is ankle boots, then combine with ankle jeans or dresses.

Add a belt to your coats to create new silhouettes. By the end of winter, you may be tired of wearing the same coat day after day to leave the house. Give life to your coats by creating new silhouettes with the help of a belt. Marking the waist will make you look like you are bringing a new coat or at least a different one. Best of all, you can add a belt to just about any coat.

Become a best friend of faux fur garments. Do not limit yourself to fur garments, in addition to making a super modern outfit, I assure you that they will be the garments and accessories that will keep you warmer. Even if your coat is huge, have fun with it by combining it with more fitted clothes so that you do not feel uncomfortable. If it is very cold you can opt for clothes such as coats, and if it is not so cold, you can put a collar or a vest over a sweater or long-sleeved blouse.

Experiment with scarves. The scarves can be used in different ways besides hung around the neck. Winter is the perfect time to experiment, you can tie your scarves on your head or as a poncho on the shoulders. Do not limit yourself and experiment.

Do not forget to add sunglasses to the mix. The winter sun can still hurt your eyes. If you want to look different with your winter outfit you can wear different sunglasses. Check our collection for inspiration.


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