Seven tips to take care of your sight

Seven tips to take care of your sight

Sight is the sense by which we perceive most of the stimuli in our day to day life and through which we send information to the brain about our environment and everything that happens in it.

Not protecting your eyes from the sun properly, poor lighting or excessive use of electronic devices are small actions that can end up damaging your eyes, and even leading to more serious pathologies. Next, we give you the seven tips to take care of your sight.

  1. Lighting matters. For both work and daily tasks at home, having correct lighting is essential to avoid straining your eyes. The consequences of using the right light in the different rooms can lead to eyestrain, headaches, stress, and even back problems. If you work with the computer, the ideal would be to work in an environment where natural light predominates, although it is advisable to use curtains to reduce possible reflections of the sun on the face and the monitors. If your workspace is dark, you should artificially light it.
  2. Watch how you use the devices. Phones, tablets, computers ... little time in front of a screen does not cause you problems, however, you must take breaks, blink frequently, maintain the appropriate distance from the screen and not use them in the dark.
  3. Protect your eyes from the sun. Wear sunglasses all year round to protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV rays and solar radiation. Remember that the sunglasses must have the appropriate filter for the climate conditions.
  4. Maintain a good diet. A healthy and balanced diet can help you keep your eyes healthy. Vitamin A protects the eye cells, and you can find it in carrots, tomatoes, peaches, broccoli or mangoes. Zinc and Selenium, present in legumes and brown rice, are great antioxidants, and Omega-3 acids, found in salmon and other fatty fish, as well as avocado and walnuts, help prevent retina problems.
  5. Learn to exercise and relax your eyes. Performing a few simple eye exercises daily can help you maintain your visual health and prevent disease by relaxing and loosening the eyes and all the muscles that surround them.
  6. Keep your eyes well hydrated. To avoid dry eyes, we recommend that you take breaks if you work in front of the screen, that you blink more frequently and that you use artificial tears if the specialist has indicated so.
  7. Do not forget eye exams. There are many visual pathologies that are not noticeable until they are very advanced. The only way to detect them is through eye examinations, so our recommendation is that you do not skip your annual checkup.

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