Places to visit in Florida besides Miami Beach

Places to visit in Florida besides Miami Beach

The reasons to fall in love with the south Florida are endless. Large skyscrapers and shopping centers coexist in Miami with miles of white sand beaches, art galleries and a vibrant nightlife.Here is a small list of places you should check out during your visit. 

Quiet beaches: far away from the noise and bustle of Ocean Drive, Fort Lauderdale, Key Biscayne and Sunny Isles offer the perfect combo of tranquility, relaxation and pleasure. The best thing is that its proximity allows you to go and return in the day. About 10 minutes north of Miami Beach, Sunny Isles is ideal for family visits.

Naples: it surprises because of its elegant boutiques, golf courses, large mansions, a long pier to watch the sunset and white sand beaches and turquoise sea thanks to its location on the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the cities with the most expensive square meter in the United States and the destination of choice for many millionaires to retire. Our Varuna reference was made to enjoy the amazing view of this city:


Key West: is the southernmost point on the Florida peninsula and the closest place to Cuba in the United States. The iconic 90-mile buoy is the graphic representation of the place. To get to this small tropical island from the south of Miami, you have to cross 160 miles along the Ocean’s Highway, a highway built in a straight line above the sea that connects an infinity of small islets and keys. One of the must-see plans is to go to the Mallory Square pier, where cruise ships dock, to watch the sun set over the ocean.

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