Learn how to properly clean your sunglasses

Learn how to properly clean your sunglasses

You enjoy your vision with your sunglasses, but little by little you see less clearly, which reminds you is time to clean them. Since hygiene is now more important than ever, in this post we tell you how to clean your glasses correctly.

Your sunglasses start and end the day with you; you put them on to drive, you take them off to rest your eyes or rub your eyes, you put them back on ... Without realizing it, dirt accumulates on the lenses until you start to see badly, as if you had them fogged up. So you take them off, stretch your shirt a little and begin to rub them to remove dirt, and this is a serious mistake, becuase the garments can contain dust particles and other materials that scratch the lenses.

Besides the discomfort of wearing dirty sunglasses, due to the health emergency arising from the COVID-19 virus, hygiene, and the way we do everyday things, require different measures. Moistening the lenses with the mist from the mouth and cleaning them with a garment is something that, in addition to damaging their long-term condition, can be a source of contagion.

 This is how you should clean your glasses.If you want to extend the life of your sunglasses without taking the risk of contagion, follow the instructions that we give you below:

  • Use sprays and / or specific products to clean the lenses more comfortably and effectively. You will achieve less fogging, especially if you have applied an anti-fog treatment.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to properly rub the crystals. Once used, store it correctly so that it does not accumulate dirt and it is always ready to clean your sunglasses.
  • If you do not have any spray, and you need to clean your sunglasses urgently, you can always choose to use water and neutral soap:
    • Lightly wet the crystals.
    • Apply a small amount of soap and rub gently with your fingertips.
    • Rinse with water removing all traces of soap.
    • Dry the lenses and frame with a microfiber cloth.
    • For a more extreme cleaning, especially if you have left confinement to go to work or to go shopping, you can disinfect the entire frame with 70% alcohol.

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