Know the differences between acetate and metal frames

Know the differences between acetate and metal frames

One of the most popular frame materials are acetate or metal. How do you know which one to choose? This can be a difficult question, especially if you do not use sunglasses regularly or have only used one type or material. Therefore, we present you with some basic differences between both frame materials and the benefits and advantages of each of them.

Metal frames
Many people choose metal frames because they can be more subtle, smaller, and not very heavy. An important aspect that people prefer this material for their frames is the nose pads. If you have a small nose or have trouble keeping your glasses in place, then you will want to choose metal frames to prevent your lenses from slipping and damaging.

Some reasons to choose metal frames are:

  • Some people find that metal frames are more comfortable to wear than acetate frames, in terms of temperature. These provide better air flow to your cheekbones and eyes.
  • Metal frames are very durable. It is very difficult for the frame to break and this material also makes them more resistant to burns, thus preventing them from deforming.
  • Some types of metal frames can be hypoallergenic. This can be very beneficial for people with skin allergies.
  • Due to its durability, people who wear lenses constantly choose this material for their sunglasses. When worn regularly, these lenses require more care.

Acetate frames

Acetate frames are generally thicker in shape and bolder in style. Due to their composition, these frames can come in an immense variety of colors. If you are looking for eye-catching sunglasses that express your personality, these frames should be your first choice. Some advantages of this type of frame are:

  • If you are a person who plays sports and needs to wear glasses, then you will want to go for acetate frames. These frames are resistant to both heat and cold and are also very flexible, making them perfect for most sports.
  • Some people are allergic to the silicone in the nose pads of metal frames. If you have this type of allergy, then you will want to choose the acetate frames that do not include the pads.
  • Plastic frames are much lighter in weight. A person who chooses to use this type of material for their frames will feel very comfortable because their nose will not be under any pressure. The absence of pressure makes wearing acetate frames more comfortable.

You must consider your priorities when choosing the material, such as whether you will use them constantly or for sports. And the most important thing is that, whether it is acetate or metal, you feel comfortable wearing your sunglasses.

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