How to put on makeup if you wear glasses?

Wearing prescription glasses and putting on makeup is a great challenge. If we take them off, we don't see; if we apply mascara, our eyelashes collide with the lenses of the glasses and they get dirty… It is all a bit complicated! But in reality, putting on makeup with glasses is possible, and we are going to giver you some useful tips:

How do I put on makeup without prescription glasses if I can't see without them? Find a mirror that you can stand very close to, or get a magnifying mirror. Some bathroom furniture does not allow you to get very close, look at home for a mirror that allows you to be close and be able to control all areas of your face well. It is also advisable to stand near a window, natural light will help you to make more natural makeup.

If you live in a high temperature area, makeup can become uncomfortable. But if you like to use it, we recommend using products in creamy textures. Also, you have to respect the drying time, keep in mind that makeup is likely to stick to the front of your glasses and disappear.

Minimalist eyes: Each person has a different style, but in general, it is advisable not to overload the eyes with shadows of very intense colors, especially if we usually wear thick or paste glasses. We must also consider what type of lenses, if these make our eyes smaller (myopia), avoid painting the line below. If, on the other hand, your glasses are to correct hyperopia, the effect will be the opposite, so it is better to use neutral colors and thin lines.

Anti dark circles: it is always recommended to illuminate the lower part of the eye. Apply a shade lighter than your skin color and brighten your eyes. It is ideal for anyone, regardless of their visual impairment!

Mascara: Beware of the enemy of glasses! It is very important to let it dry well, because when putting on the prescription glasses after putting on makeup, the lenses almost always get stained. Apply it carefully and without haste. You will see how the result is beautiful!

Use a good lip gloss: if we have not highlighted our eyes much, the ideal is to give importance to our lips. Use a color that flatters you and apply it without fear. Pink or orange tones are ideal. Make sure to keep your lip hydrated.

Remove your makeup each day. Yes, we know that after a long day it can be exhausting to do so, but it is very important to remove your eye makeup every night to avoid allergies, infections and maintain good eye health. Do it thoroughly with a specific product for the eye area!

It is all a matter of getting the hang of it! You can look just as perfect with your prescription glasses. If you are feeling a bit lazy you can just wear your favorite sunglasses and look amazing too.

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