How to identify a good pair of sunglasses

How to identify a good pair of sunglasses

Although sunglasses are fashion accessories, they were born to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. This protection can only be given by approved sunglasses, hence our insistence every time we deal with this issue. Next, we will tell you about the details that you should look to confirm that sunglasses are good and why it is so important for your visual health.

Sunglasses are mostly worn during spring and summer, but the truth is that your eyes need to be protected every day of the year with sunglasses for the following reasons:

  • Sun rays can damage your eyes causing diseases such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) or speeding up the appearance of cataracts.
  • Sunglasses filters decrease eye fatigue and improve visual quality.
  • In general, wearing sunglasses gives you visual comfort.

In addition to trying them on and choosing the ones that fit you best according to the shape of your face, style and personality, there are several things that you cannot miss when buying sunglasses:

Origin of the frame and the crystals. Knowing where glasses come from and who or what company is behind can give you guarantees that they really comply with all the regulations and quality standards required for them to hit the market.

Be clear about the sunscreen they have. There are several categories of sunscreens and each one has its own specifications. When you buy your sunglasses you should know what filter they have and what it protects you from.

UV radiation protection. Are you really sure that these glasses protect you from UV rays? You can only answer this if the person who sells them guarantees it to you and is willing to respond to any issue.

Compliance with European regulations. The glasses that comply with it usually carry the CE logo on one of the sides.

For buyers, it is difficult to know for sure if some lenses really are from the indicated filter or if they really comply with European regulations, for this reason, and as we mentioned previously, only by purchasing your sunglasses from trusted sites you can have the guarantee and support of a company or manufacturer.

Unfortunately, it is currently possible to buy sunglasses on the street and in illegal places where there is no quality control. To buy sunglasses in these places is to buy blindly, because you really do not know what you are purchasing.

 Just because the lenses are tinted does not mean that they really protect the eyes from UV rays or that the filter is the right one, in fact, in many cases, these non-approved sunglasses do not have any filter, something that ends up being even more harmful.

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