How to avoid having foggy sunglasses

How to avoid having foggy sunglasses

During these days, you have surely wondered how you can keep your glasses free from fog. Confinement due to COVID19, has changed our ways. Since social distancing entered our lives, a series of measures have been put in place to safeguard the health of citizens and thus avoid the maximum number of infections. Among the measures are the use of gloves and facemasks. So, with the current situation, many of us have lived the discomfort of using a mask while wearing sunglasses.

Our glasses get foggy due to the vapor that we release when breathing. This rises and condenses on the lenses. We offer you some tips on how to avoid having foggy sunglasses. And remember, above all, you must put your sunglasses on top of the mask. Here are our tips!

Soap protects the formation of this mist, and since it is a moisturizing agent, it favors the circulation of water and decreases condensation. Here are the steps for it to work:
a. Apply a little dry soap - of the highest possible quality - to both lenses. But watch out, only on the inside.

  1. Gently rub well with your fingers.
  2. Dry with a lens cloth very carefully.

Soap is very useful to clean the glasses so that they do not fog, but in their proper measure. That is, if you put too much soap on the lenses, they may continue to fog. It is best to put a small quantity.

You can also put a piece of paper tape on the nose to prevent the mist from rising towards the glasses. It might not look very pleasant but it sure works! Another option, although on a higher budget, are glasses with anti-fog lenses. They are high-end lenses with a treatment that prevents fogging.

Many aspects of our lives have changed but our passion for sunglasses stayed the same. Take a look at our collection to find the model that works best for you. All orders have free shipping and returns.

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