Heart shaped face: tips to get the right sunglasses

Heart shaped face: tips to get the right sunglasses

Are you all heart? Although your thing is not cuteness, it is possible that your face is heart-shaped. Therefore, we give you the best recommendations for you to choose the sunglasses that best suit you according to your face shape.

It is important that you know that well-chosen sunglasses can further enhance your good looks and, on the contrary, a bad choice can make you look less favored or even appear older than you are. The face is the center of attention and, really, it is what people tend to focus on the most, because the face not only expresses emotions but also attitudes towards others.

If have a heart-shaped shape, when choosing a frame your goal should be to minimize the width of the chin. If you emphasize your eyes, you will add strength and character to your face! Here are some useful tips.

  • Use wide frames at the bottom. Narrow at the top, so they look proportional to the width of your face.
  • Choose soft colors and materials for the frame.
  • In terms of shapes, square glasses are ideal for adjusting facial proportions.

Frameless sunglasses can be a great option for you (Our De Lucid model is a great choice). They are a basic model that is always good to have; they easily adapt to your style and hardly change your expression. It is best to avoid very large sizes. In most cases, we get carried away by current designs that, at the moment of truth, may not favor us.

Choose a medium size and according to the measurements of your face. And, above all, avoid cat eye or browline shaped glasses. They will not enhance your features!

Did you know that they say that people with heart-shaped faces are very cautious? They tend to follow rules and regulations thoughtfully and are very considerate of everyone, be it family, co-workers or friends. Do you know someone with a heart-shaped face?

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