Features Sunglasses Should Have

Features Sunglasses Should Have

When choosing a new pair of sunglasses, it is important you look for features that go beyond style and design. Functionality, safety and durability are just as important. Having this in mind, we decided to create a list of the features quality sunglasses should have.

100% UV Protection
Check the product description and packaging to confirm the model has100% UVA/UVB protection. You can also look for the UV400 tag.

Wraparound Frame
Sunglasses with wraparound frame are designed to decrease the amount of light leakage from the sides of your sunglasses. More protection against harmful UV rays.

AR Coating
Sunglasses with AR on the insides of their lenses can minimize glare and prevent reflection bouncing back into the eye.

Polarized Coating
Polarized lenses have a special coating to reduce glare while increasing visual performance. They are also recommended for driving. If you have the chance, choose a pair with polarized lenses.

Quality Material
Most sunglasses are made from plastic. Two types are recommended: Polycarbonate, both durable and lightweight and common in both lenses and frames and CR-39, a high-grade plastic used for lenses and is shatter-resistant.

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