Eye care Tips for this summer

Eye care Tips for this summer

Many times, we think of summer as a time to rest and disconnect from the world. This usually involves spending less time in front of a screen, which inevitably has its benefits. However, during the summer we expose our eyes to other conditions that can also cause problems, so it is very important you take eye care into account. 

Yes, we must take care of our eyes throughout the year, but it is true that in summer we should pay them a special treatment since the UV light is especially strong during this season. Air conditioning and dry heat in certain areas are not good for your eyes either. These can cause dry eyes and the uncomfortable sensations that comes with it. See the following tips to reduce the chances of suffering any harm:

  1. Wear sunglasses: Although these are important throughout the year, it is true that in summer they are especially important. Above all, always buy quality ones that protect you from 100% UV rays.

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  1. Wear a hat: Although sunglasses protect you from UV rays, it is true that there is always a gap where they can reach your face. If you wear a hat, you will protect your eyes even better.
  2. Clean your eyes often: Do it after bathing in the pool or the sea. This will protect you from irritating substances. Wash your eyes and dry them with a clean tissue. Do not use your towel, as it could be dirty with sand or other particles.
  3. Wash your hands: This applies any time of the year, but it is something to keep in mind also in summer. Sometimes we cannot avoid rubbing our eyes and it is important that our hands are clean to avoid getting sick.
  4. Don’t stare at the sun directly: Although this advice may seem self-evident, it is always good to remember it. It doesn't matter if you are wearing sunglasses, looking directly into the sun is harmful to your eyes.

These are the recommendations to keep in mind for eye care in summer. As you can see, these are easy tips to follow but you should keep them in mind at all times.

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