Dream destinations for surf lovers

Dream destinations for surf lovers

Choosing the best surf spots in the country can be tricky. Whether they are in dark and remote places that have not been touched by civilization, or on some of the coolest and most hospitable cities and towns on the coast, finding the best waves in the world is always an adventure and people have dedicated huge amounts of times to finding surfing heaven. Some spots are likely to be overlooked, or can be overly crowded sometimes. Here is our selection:

Surf Ruggles in Newport, RI
Notoriously Big East Coast Waves: Few East Coast beaches can hold 20 foot waves. The reef parting of Newport's absurdly elegant Ruggles Avenue has been the de facto destination of the East Coast for decades. If you have got the skills (and the courage), visit it during hurricane season to experience the serious stuff. 

Virginia Beach, VA
East Coast Surfing's Birthplace: The waves here are very average, but also very consistent. That means if you are relatively new to the sport, this is a good place to get some experience. Virginia Beach is also home to the East Coast Surfing Championships, so it is also a great place to admire the pros. As a result, there are crowds, but this is one of the best surf spots in the lower Mid-Atlantic states.

Maalaea Bay, Maui
Fastest Wave in the World: Maalaea Bay, a south-facing spot on Maui's west coast, is home to a space known as “Freight Trains,” widely regarded as the fastest wave in the world. However, Freight Trains can only be traveled on large southern waves and is located near the port. If you go and Freight Trains is too scary, head to shore where you will find more waves suitable for more “reasonable” surfers.

Which other place would you add to the list? Check our collection if you need some inspiration. All orders have free shipping and returns.

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