Discover the right lens color for you

Discover the right lens color for you

You surely have seen many sunglasses models with colored lenses, you may even have some yourself, but do you really know what use does each color have? Next, we will tell you all about colors and their characteristics.

Fashion and sunglasses go hand in hand. Brands make a huge effort every season to create trendsetting sunglasses collections. The lens is as important as the frame are no less, because in the careful designs all details must be considered. In addition to aesthetics, there is a reason behind each lens color, something that goes beyond fashion and has to do with the quality of vision and the activities or use of your sunglasses.

In addition to choosing the frame that you like and that best suits your facial structure and personal style, you can choose the color lens that best suits that frame, but you should choose it depending on the activities you are going to do while wearing those sunglasses.


  • They are perfect for driving on cloudy and foggy days, also at dawn or dusk.
  • They favor vision in low light situations because they increase contrast.
  • These glasses are not recommended for driving on sunny days.
  • They are ideal for people with retinal problems.


  • Ideal for outdoor activities.
  • They offer a good vision quality without altering color perception.
  • They reduce eyestrain and filter blue light.
  • Highly recommended for people with myopia.
Caspian Brown


  • They are the best for practicing water and winter sports.
  • They offer a good perception of contrast.
  • They hardly alter color perception.
  • They are recommended for people with farsightedness.


  • Contrast levels are greatly increased, even more than yellow lenses.
  • They are very suitable for driving in fog and in low light conditions.


  • They allow good vision in any environment and lighting, which is why they are the most common. Gray is considered the most neutral lens color because it hardly alters color perception
  • They are suitable for driving.

Now that you know the use of lens color it would be easier for you to choose. Explore our collection to find the right pair for you. All orders have free shipping and returns.

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