5 reasons why black frames are always fashionable

On the street, at work, but also in magazines, on television, in the cinema… black-paste sunglasses are ubiquitous. Far from being forgotten, this type of frame is undoubtedly the most chosen by men and women of all generations. But where does its success lie? Regardless of fashion guidelines, wearing black paste sunglasses has become synonymous with style. In today's post we will analyze the 5 reasons why including them in your daily look will always be a success:

  1. They are a classic.
    And as such, they have known how to adapt to fashion trends without losing their oldie point. Black-paste glasses have existed practically since the beginning of time. The shapes have changed, but their elegance remains the same.
  2. They look good to everyone
    your facial features don’t matter; black plastic glasses look good on anyone. They also have the particularity of adapting to the physiognomy of each person, so if you wear them, you will always look great!
  3. They are comfortable and light
    Black-paste sunglasses are made with materials such as acetate, which makes them light and very comfortable to wear in your daily routine. Forget about that annoying pressure on the nose, it will be as if you are not wearing them!

    Our Wet reference is a great example of what black rimmed sunglasses should be

  4. Geek and hipster style is here to stay
    Although in the past it was something directly related to nerds, fashion trends have positioned black-paste sunglasses as an essential accessory for any outfit.
  5. They get all the looks
    Black-paste sunglasses are not made to go unnoticed. Wear them and you will see how your face will get all the attention. Choose the shape that best suits your facial features and enhance your look instantly! Explore our collection to find the right pair for you. All orders have free shipping and returns.

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