3 lesser known tourist destinations in the US

3 lesser known tourist destinations in the US

It is true that a trip to the United States can be unbeatable if you choose one (or several) of the usual destinations, the classics that never disappoint: New York, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Orlando or Las Vegas. But for the ones in the search of an original experience, here are three alternative destinations in the United States.

Charleston (South Carolina). This is indeed a destination rarely frequented by tourist: Charleston, one of the largest commercial ports in the world. Charleston is ideal for those suffering from stress. With its charming post-war architecture, the beaches and the influences of African Gullah culture add a special flair. There are also churches to visit (they are everywhere) and one of the most beautiful and peaceful walks is done following the line of pastel colored houses in the Rainbow Row area. A true southern experience.

Cape Coral (Florida) This is one of those places that still retain some air of the 60s. Other destinations on the peninsula can be more appealing, it is true, but none have so many kilometers of navigable waters, a hallmark of Cape Coral. There are more than 600 kilometers to travel on board. The summer weather attracts visitors to its several beaches, as well as other points of interest, such as the Farmers Market, the Military Museum and the Yacht Club.

Burlington (Vermont) On the shores of Lake Champlain and 200 kilometers from New York is Burlington, a different and little-known destination. It is a city to enjoy on foot, where you can explore its picturesque coffee shops and enjoy an architectural style of low buildings that allow you to see the sky.

Which other lesser know destination would you add to the list?

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